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What is an auction?

An auction occurs when people gather to buy an item by bidding against each other until the highest offered price is reached. Auctions provide individuals with the opportunity to buy quality products at extremely low prices! Auctions are great for both buyers and sellers. Sellers can easily and efficiently liquidate their products while buyers can find unique items for low prices. Sanford Auctions and Real Estate can help organize the sale maximizing the return on investment.

How can Sanford Auctions and Real Estate help me with my auction needs?

From set up to auction day, Sanford Auctions and Real Estate handles all of your auction needs. We have been in business since 1977. We have 41 years of experience in auctioning antiques, jewelry, furniture, real estate, collections, businesses in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. Our Indianapolis auctioneers are well trained and work diligently to drive up the prices of the items and/or property so you realize the highest possible prices for your items. We control the transactions in a professional manner and help you through the entire process.

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